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We do the work so you don't have to

Property Management

Investing in real estate is not easy. It' time consuming. It's tough to find the deals. Negotiating and closing is stressful. And the workload only increases once a property is acquired.

But what if there was a trusted hand to do all of that while you spend your time doing the things you love?

What we offer

RockStep Capital helps investors generate legacy wealth by investing in the retail shopping sector. This allows our investors to generate consistent cash-flow and long term appreciation.

And the kicker is they can do the things they love while building wealth.

RockStep Capital acquires distressed shopping centers in "hometowns" across the US that contain two or more market drivers, such as universities or medical centers. 


We find the deals

You make your money when you buy. And finding deals that win is an arduous process. We have that covered for you. 


We negotiate and close the deals

Once you find a deal, the work has just begun. We handle negotiations and closing. Meanwhile, you just do you. 


Marketing, Maintenance and Passive Income

It takes a lot of work to turn around a distressed shopping mall. We handle all of it. If the property needs remodeling, we take care of it. We market the property. We recruit desirable tenants. We manage the property. 

Your job is to collect checks. 

We work, you play

Family First

At RockStep, we believe that family comes first. Of course, we are in this to make money. And we love that our investments improve the communities we invest in.

But most of all, we love that our investors have more time to do the things they love when they invest with us. Knowing our investors are spending more time with family thanks to our partnerships keeps us energized!

The time is now...

It's the perfect retail storm!

In the next three to four years, there will $50 billion in insolvent debt coming due in the retail sector. RockStep Capital is perfectly positioned to capitalize.

Combined with a maturing eCommerce market and soaring interest rates/construction costs, this puts retail investment in a real sweet spot.

But it won't last forever. The time is now to create passive income in retail. 

The 3 Step Plan

Generational Wealth Starts Here

Once you have read about The RockStep Way, the next step is to set up the call that could begin your journey to generational wealth.