Investor Information

We believe in playing a sensible offense backed by a secure defense. We’d rather hit a single or double than go for that elusive home run.

We simply don’t want to strike out. And we never have.

We pride ourselves on delivering attractive and consistent returns to our investors

  • RockStep investors typically enjoy a preferred return (paid quarterly) from the property’s cash flow.
  • We target a low double digit internal  rate of return over a 6 to 7 year hold using conservative operating and exit assumptions.
  • Investors receive their preferred return, then all of their capital back, and then the majority of profits.

Targeted Investment Partners

Accredited Investors
High Net Worth Individuals
Family Offices
Pension and Equity Funds

Investment Goals

Low Leverage
Local Investors
We've never missed a scheduled payment
Don't lose money



We analyze over 500 properties annually to identify those select few that have downside protection with upside potential.


We select towns with rock-solid area economics.


We apply an extremely intense stress test to identify all potential risks.


We purchase properties massively below market and new construction costs.


We fix up properties and improve their marketability and increase occupancy.


We operate properties with the objectives of minimizing expenses and maximizing tenant success.

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